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Blood Splat

“The lyrics of this song convey a strong message about the state of society and the consequences of greed and self-centeredness. The opening lines suggest a sense of disillusionment with someone who has betrayed the speaker's trust, while also hinting at the idea that appearances can be deceiving. The chorus criticizes the current generation as being "weak and filled with greed," with people allowing money to dictate their lives and priorities. The repeated refrain of "wake up America" adds a sense of urgency to the message, calling for a broader societal awakening to the consequences of unchecked greed. The final line, "our damnation is based upon our greed," implies that this problem affects everyone and that a collective effort is needed to address it. Overall, the lyrics convey a strong social and political message, urging listeners to reflect on their values and priorities and consider the impact of their actions on society as a whole.”

- Tom Parks, Review Of "In Her Eyes" (Mar 02, 2023)

“The song "Behind These Walls" is a powerful and introspective exploration of personal struggles and the consequences of one's actions. The lyrics convey a sense of isolation and despair, with the protagonist feeling trapped within themselves and unable to find a reason for the turmoil they are experiencing. The repeated phrase "Behind These Walls beside my mind betrayed my trust" emphasizes the feeling of being betrayed by one's own thoughts and emotions. The chorus suggests that one can try to escape from their problems, but ultimately they will catch up with you, whether through addiction, sin, or other means. The song also touches on the idea of redemption and the importance of taking responsibility for one's choices. Overall, the lyrics convey a sense of struggle and the need to confront one's inner demons in order to move forward in life.”

- Ashley Summit, Song Review "Behind These Walls" (Apr 10, 2023)

“Based on the dark and intense lyrics, the song describes a tumultuous and toxic relationship that is ultimately doomed to fail. The protagonist has been betrayed by their lover, who has lied and cheated on them. They feel isolated and alone as even their friends have turned against them. The chorus, "Jaded Crystal lying dead on the floor/ She's a loaded pistol doing anything for more," suggests that the lover is dangerous and addictive, like a loaded weapon. The protagonist ultimately takes matters into their own hands, using violence to rid themselves of the relationship. The song's themes touch on betrayal, heartbreak, addiction, and self-destruction, all set to a dark and brooding musical backdrop.”

- Ben Sharpton, Review Of Loaded Jaded Pistol (Feb 01, 2023)

Blood Ink
Female Bat
Blood Splat
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Detailed grungy cracked surface texture
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“Jaded" and they don't lie about creating their own rock sound. I like the message behind their written lyrics, it has a deeper story than just hit on the instruments. I like the kinda whispered vocal he uses in different octaves, with the great sounded rock sounds it gives the song a great boost. They can play for sure good on instruments, its a musical spectacle when listening to their music. The song " greed" has a great refreshing rock sound it's hard but very adorable, in combination with the diversity in the vocal sounds of the singer makes it a great rock song. When I listen to " Stitch the Scar" the tunes of the intro are melodic and somehow I thought to have heard a similar intro from the song summer of 69 Bryan Adams, but when you listen closely it has different accords. Its very great to hear that intro, it has something unique. " Tranquility" is sung calmer by the lead singer he does show that he can sing varied notes as well, but the rock sounds are marvelous great fast”

- ChatsongRoy, Chatsong music reviews (Jun 08, 2017)

“BreconIndieReviews, Speaking about Shadowplay song "Forever Me" "This is incredible! This is a meets my standards kick ass! The Songwriting tosses out life on imagination busting any boundaries. The Vocal delivery is dimensionless, and wanton haunted- RIGHTEOUSLY SKILLED. The Band is not only skilled but, truly humps the lyrics and vocals. The 'Axe-athons' are among the best I have heard! Shadowplay - a perfect name for you lot! Each component shadows each other perfectly, especially at pivotal points in the Song. And there be some prolific shadows in the singing-BUZZ!" credit: BreconIndieReviews”

- MWood, BreconIndieReviews (Sep 08, 2017)

"Shadowplay could just be the next Nirvana!"

- GroundBreaker Magazine 2011 Cd Review